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* Book: Techgnosis. Myth, magic and mysticism in the age of information. By Erik Davis.



Extensive summary, from the booknotes of Michel Bauwens, written in 2003:

"This book lay in my library already some years and was used in preparation of the TechnoCalyps documentary, which was directed by Frank Theys, with intense collaboration on my part. This book is a good companion to David Noble's "Religion and Technology", though this one is more concerned with recent technology and more open to the spiritual and informed by a more 'postmodern' sensibility. The third chapter deals with the legacy of gnosticism. It discusses the reductionist effects on culture of Shannon's information theory, the emergence of cybernetics and DNA being reduced to its information content. But by reducing matter, life, and the self to information processes and 'patterns', tthey also throughly demateriaize reality, echoing the gnostic worldview.


Stopped reading at the end of chapter 4, "since I found it too much echoing my own insights, but Erik Davis is a great writer for those not yet familiar with the topic."

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