Targeted Intelligence Networks

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Policy concept and proposal in the context of reforming the Welfare State, by Peter Fleissner, formulated in

"Neither large scale institutions nor the individuals on their own are in a position to cope adequately with the negative aspects of human existence. Therefore we propose the establishment of new group based institutions assisted by contemporary communication tools and adequate training opportunities. When I worked for the European Commission we convened an international workshop to discuss the emergence of these new groups. To give the baby a name we called them “Targeted Intelligence Networks” (TINs). Their common feature is the voluntary cooperation of a few number of people in groups towards a certain goal. But I am realistic enough that it will not be sufficient just to trust in the post-modern fashion of self-organisation and to wait for its implementation. My position is rather that a framework has to be created within which these new forms can emerge. This framework is not only composed by encouraging words and media campaigns, but also by financial, infrastructural, material and educational resources to empower people to take over their new tasks voluntarily. This implies also certain ways of compensation and remuneration for their efforts and their contribution to society." (


  1. Scandinavian Study Circles
  2. Workers Health Assurance Groups