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I think Peter Joseph denies the very political power he wields over the Zeitgeist movement. I assume it's because of a blindspot in analysing his political situation, not out of malice.

What happens is that he denies the label "leader" (amongs others) while serving the many of the functions of one. He has exceptional power compared to any random Zeitgeist follower. But somehow he's conviced himself and Zeigiesters that everyone is equal in the power structure.

I noticed this same belief with many people in online communities, "leaders" or "followers". Having a mass following period, implys a certain, largely top-down, style of socio-cultural-political arrangement, particularly with an emulative following. Yes, the popular figure never has absolute power, but the power structure isn't as democratic as they think either. And being emulative of that one person, you're likely to emulate that very blindspot.

I think people culturally, and for various other reasons, unconsciouslu keep up an appearance of upmost democracy, while they subtly or unconsciously lose power to authoritarianism.


  1. This makes the same point, but about the spiritualilty field

caquilino 17:03, 17 July 2012 (UTC)