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A simpler argument for micro-possesionism (or ownershipism) being the future is this: technological has (among other things) changed and redefined the grandularity of property rights over time. If that continues, more granular ways of tracking property will come to be. And we'll conceptualize property in either a more hyper-granularized right-propertarian or left-propertarian way.

Depending on who wins the future, I can imagine future beings privately owning the atoms of an object, and charging the future equivalent of "money" for its use. Or I can imagining hyper-commonizing of atoms. I'll hand-wave of what form future being will take, but I'd guess they too could be hyper-grandularized.

I guess I'll edit and add this to this page, or I'll make a new one called, micro-possessionism or hypergranular property or something.

caquilino 00:04, 24 July 2012 (UTC)