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all of the below is 'drafty' material used for preparation ..

Draft List of Names

first invitation te be sent out by September 6 / David.

More Information Gathering needed

suggested by Silke/ David/ Michel - after Fred/Nicolas/Hervé and Heike had to leave our skype-call on Sept 4:

  • Orsan Senalp: Turkish unionist, social network unionism, works in amsterdam TNI - which is an important ally, international political economy --- suggested because we urgently need ppl dealing with the labour issue and labour in the commons
  • someone from p2p urbanism network, from eastern europe, of possible a women (Michel will make a proposal)
  • Derek Wall, green, sustainability, works on book on marx and ostrom on the commons; GB
  • we need female from Solidarity Economy / Degrowth network (please submit your proposals, Silke will be in Venice at the international Degrowth Conference and report back, eventually with a concrete proposal/ by the end of September)

The following people where asked for advice at this early stage

Saki Bailey; IUC Turino,

What we are still missing:

. more participation from Northern Europe and Eastern Europe? Any recommendation welcome!

There are new proposals for first list - we consider as "MUST":/ we suggest to put them on the first list!

  • Bernard Lietar, Belgium
  • Joan Martínez Allier, Political Ecology, Spain

List of Names

SKYPE-phone-conference: September 4, 3pm Berlin/Paris

Final list

1 - Staff

1. Silke Helfrich (Germany / W)

2. David Bollier (USA / M)

3. Nicolas Krausz (France/Suisse / M)

4. Frederic Sultan (France / M)

5. Heike Loeschmann (Germany / W)

6. Hervé Le Crosnier (France / M)

2 - First list

7. Saki Bailey (Italy / W)

8. Tommaso Fattori (Italy / M)

9. Stefano Rodottà (Italy / M) need mail

10. Brigitte Kratzwald (Austria / W)

11. Somebody from IASC (Belgium / ?) ---> suggestions welcome

12. Danijela Dolenec (Croatia / W) <[email protected]>

13. Andrew Paterson (Finland / M) need mail

14. Geneviève Azam (France / W) <[email protected]>

15. Philippe Aigrain (France / M)

16. Wojtek Kalinowski (France / M) <[email protected]>

17. André Orlean (France / M) need mail

18. Veronika-Bennholdt Thomsen (Germany / W)

19. Stefan Meretz (Germany / M)

20. Michael Narberhaus (Germany / M) <[email protected]>

21. Tim Jackson (UK / M) [email protected]

22. Brian Davey (UK / M)

23. Larry Lohmann (USA - UK / M) ---> if he declines: Antonio Tricarico (Italy / M) Lohmann's mail: <[email protected]>

24. George Papanikolau (Greece / M)

25. Irene Sotiropoulou (Greece / W)

26. we suggest Marc Jagdev (UK, School of Commoning) ---> as part of the staff

27. Goteo -- Enric Senabre Hidalgo (Spain / M) need mail

28. Marco Berlinguer (Sapin - Italy / M)

29. Pat Mooney (USA / M) <[email protected]>

30. Charlotte Hess (USA / M)

31. Uygar Ozesmi (Turkey / M)

32. Christian Arnsperger (Belgium - Germany / M) need mail

33. David Graeber (USA - UK / M) need mail

34. Joan Martinez Allier, Spain

35. Bernard Lietar, Belgium

36. Solidarity Economy

37. Degrowth Movement

3 - Next list

- Enrico Grazzini (Italy / M)

- Rasa Smite (Latvia / W) need

- Massimo De Angelis (Italy / M)

- Franz Nahrada (Austria / M)

- Benjamin Coriat (France / M)

- Karthik Iyer (Norway / M)

- Goteo -- Olivier Schulbaum (Spain / M)

- Nicola Bullard (Australia / W)

- Stefano Serafini (Italy / M)


Franz Nahrada, long-time commoner, clear analytiical thinker, active around Global Villages project

Brigitte Kratzwald (commons activist, working on the commons full time just as we try to do - Austria

Vera Buhlman, architect, author of coming book called Genius Planet, she would be an important voice of reasoned technological optimism, to balance views like those of Brian Davey; points to the hyperproductivity of sharing-based distributed energy solutions and the like


Tine de Moor, historian

Tom Deudeware, microbial commons

Eastern Europe

Tomislav Medak, Croatia, CC activist

Danijela Dolenec, Croatia, political scientist

Sonja Leboš, Croatia, urban anthropologist = "two women who are quite knowledgeable on the commons, and very enthusiastic about it Vedran)

Vladimir Cvijanovi?, Croatia economist quite interested in linking the commons with new economic models and practices

Teodor Celakoski or Tomislav Tomaševi? Croatia from Reclaim the streets / Right to the City movement

Pulska grupa Croatia (am not sure to which extent they are related to economy but from the point of commons they are one of few referential points for sure) > > I will get a broader picture than only Croatian and have the opportunity to explore other options during the Sommer School on the Commons in Vis program. Report back by early September.(Silke)


  • Andrew Paterson, a Scottish researcher, organizer of Pixelache, and very involved in northern and baltic commons work, including links to Russia, works on neotraditional commons such as foraging commons, the reindeer commons etc .. but also very digital and familiar with digital and media art worlds ***

Ruby van der Weeken, ?, we met her in Rio, keen to work with us, very different networks than ours


Frédéric Sultan, Vecam/Remix

Nicolas Krausz, FPH,

Wojtek Kalinowski,

Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace,

Benjamin Coriat (heterodox economist. Had a long time seminarie on commons in Maison des Sciences de l'Homme - Paris Nord. He was in Berlin. Wrote a good article when Elinor Ostrom came to France last year

Geneviève Azam, Attac

Hervé Le Crosnier

Valérie Peugeot (second round ?)

Dominique Bourg (économie de fonctionnalité - product-service systems) -- Voir avec Benjamin Coriat (see with Benjamin ?) -- He wrote the book : "L'économie de fonctionnalité : changer la consommation dans le sens du développement durable.

André Orlean (last book : l'économie de la valeur -- he also writes "La monnaie entre violence et confiance") He is one of the important heterodox economist.


Silke Helfrich, Commons Strategies Group

Stefan Meretz, Keimform, Germany – coautor of our book, co-organizer of the Crottorf meeting, IMHO one of the best analysts in terms of “pure commons” and commons as a mode of production

Heike Löschmann, Heinrich Böll Foundation

Richard David Precht, "popular" philosopher, excellent outreach and networks

Veronika-Bennholdt Thomsen, subsistance economy and the commons, Bielefeld school, feminist, has been participating as a speaker at ICC

Andreas Weber, biologist and philosopher, thinks the commons as methodology of nature, excellent writer, co-author of our book

Great Britain

Larry Lohmann, Corner House, GB – specialized in enclosures and financialization, very familiar with the commons, excellent networker

Tim Jackson, UK; influentail economist n the US, post-growth, knows a bit of our work

Brian Davey, FEASTA, GB

School of Commoning

Someone from New Economics Foundation

Lord Maurice Glasman, Blue Labour: trying to redefine the Labour Party in ways that draw upon Polanyi, Illich and the commons.


Greece – Syrisa ? who?; I think it is of utmost importance to have people from Greece (review the ICC list)

Irene Sotiropoulou, PhD candidate from Crete University, Greece, active commoner herself, very knowledgable person about commons and commoning from Greece, Heike „I would say it is a must to have her join the Paris meeting. Rethymnon, GREECE, [email protected]

George Papanikolau, active around open science and genetic commons, but also one of the clearest political/commons thinkers I have met, lives in Athens and I rate him very highly; also writes on info/energy commons issues***


regarding Italy, I would recommend Bertram Niessen and Zoe Romano as young digital commons production activist who are also good thinkers ; depending on gender balance requirements, I would choose one of them

Saki Bailey, IUC, Campaign for a European Charter on the Commons (USA/Italy)

Tommaso Fattori, relationshop commons and public; ESF, author; instrumental in water commons referendum in Italy

Marco Giustini, very active in Rome politics

Stefano Serafino, extremely intelligent, active in the p2p-urbanism movement and has links with the Chiesa movement (not a member, but actively talking to them about commons approaches) ***

Stefano Rodota, Professor of Law, Italy  ; pioneer of commons thinking in Italy, inspirer of Ugo Mattei and many others

Massimo De Angelis, the Commoner, political scientist, autonomous marxist, co-organizer of Crottorf meeting

Mayor Luigi Magistris of Naples or a top staff person: actively involved in promoting management of local commons and the European Directive.

I would be interested adding one person from urban commons background, I suggested Stefano Serafini, but other person would be good


  • Rasa Smite, organizer of RICX events, which combine renewable energy and media art worlds, with p2p/commons focus, at the center of a vast network on this topic


  • Karthik Iyer, a very smart researcher, bridges east-west divide, has 3 PhD's, has worked for the 4 top FLOSS Companies and specifically focuses his research on commons oriented peer production including new currencies and financial systems; he's Indian ; strongly recommended ***


Juan Freire, Medialab Madrid

Antonio Lafuente, Medialab Madrid

Goteo -- Enric Senabre Hidalgo (founding member). <> a very interesting crowdfunding platform and former producer of the urbanlabs project at the Citilab Cornella.; otherwise Olivier Schulbaum*** of Goteo

Joan Subirats, Spain: recently published "Otra sociedad. ? otra politica? de "no nos representan" a la democracia de lo comùn" <>see also > ;>

Marco Berlinguer, School of the Commons, has been participating in the support team of ICC and is currently

(someone from lasindias should be there, but in case of gender balance, there is also female leader, whose name escapes me for now)

Zemos 98, remix network


Amelia Andersdotter, (former?) Pirate Party rep to European Parliament

other countries

Nicola Bullard, ex- Focus on the Global South, France/ Australia (?)

Pat Mooney, ETC (will participate in Europe and not in Mexico, for language issues) somebody from ISLAND, where so many things are happening?

Charlotte Hess, IASC, USA (don't remember, why she is on the list, I guess because she is currently in Europe)

Samir Amin (don't remember why he is on the list...)

David Graeber, USA, "Debt", The Future of Occupy .... tried several times to get him involved, we should try again. Now teaching at the University of London (yes?).

Uygar Ozesmi from Turkey, Greenpeace ([email protected])

Specific Topics

MB: I believe we should have some room to invite topical experts on money commons / labor commons etc ...


Silke, Heike, Nicolas, Fred(?)

Reporting staff

  • Jean Lievens from Belgium, very good pen to write about what is being discussed
  • Chris Pinchen, english person in Berlin, recommended for his podcasting documentary skills


herve, can you write down your proposed name? [8:28:44 PM] p2pfound1: silke says: we should invite saki bailey [8:28:51 PM] hlccaen: michel, look at the wiki, I'm currently wrinting on it [8:29:33 PM] p2pfound1: [8:29:39 PM] p2pfound1: we start discussing italy [8:29:47 PM] p2pfound1: silke also proposes tomaso fattori [8:31:23 PM] Heike Loeschmann: Are u all chatting or talking? [8:33:23 PM] p2pfound1: [8:33:42 PM] p2pfound1: [8:34:01 PM] p2pfound1: grazzini is a journalist but wrote a book on the commons economy [8:34:44 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1: Saki Baley [8:35:20 PM] David Bollier: Talking.....Aren't you on the call? [8:35:37 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 2: tomasso fattori [8:35:54 PM] p2pfound1: herve proposes grazinni on 2nd list [8:37:00 PM] p2pfound1: david: who are you writing the previous remark to [8:37:09 PM] David Bollier: To Heike [8:37:15 PM] p2pfound1: k [8:38:34 PM] p2pfound1: regarding Italy, I would recommend Bertram Niessen and Zoe Romano as young digital commons production activist who are also good thinkers ; depending on gender balance requirements, I would choose one of them [8:39:05 PM] p2pfound1: I can no longer hear this conversation continuously, sorry, I hear bits and pieces [8:39:11 PM] p2pfound1: david, what did yo uagree on? [8:40:11 PM] David Bollier: Michel: we're still talking. [8:40:22 PM] p2pfound1: k,but I heard you say, "I agree" [8:40:28 PM] Frédéric Sultan: seems I not in the call [8:40:33 PM] David Bollier: Hang on if you can.... [8:40:38 PM] p2pfound1: silke stresses inviting massimo , but on next list [8:40:54 PM] p2pfound1: by the way, Heike says only HBF will b her [8:41:08 PM] David Bollier: OK [8:42:45 PM] p2pfound1: I'm supporting brigitte for her central role in commons networking [8:43:07 PM] p2pfound1: I'm looking for a link for vera [8:43:19 PM] p2pfound1: AUSTRIA NAME 1: BRIGITTE [8:43:34 PM] p2pfound1: silke says: nahrada very advanced thinker on these issues [8:45:35 PM] p2pfound1: i'm saying: not to remove people from first list because of 'too many' [8:45:45 PM] p2pfound1: but remove them afterwards [8:46:05 PM] p2pfound1: not anticipating is what I mean [8:46:40 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 2 AUSTRIA: franz nahrada [8:47:23 PM] p2pfound1: [8:47:54 PM] p2pfound1: NAME X: someone from IASC [8:48:33 PM] p2pfound1: DON'T KNOW belgian tom [8:49:03 PM] hlccaen: for IASC meeting next week : list of papers [8:49:25 PM] p2pfound1: vera's book: "genius planet - from scarcity to abundance: a radical rethink for our energy future". Pages 110-136 of the manuscript are dedcated to an abundant energy future. [8:50:12 PM] hlccaen: i was disturbed, who do you want to add from belgium ? [8:50:44 PM] p2pfound1: we did not add anyone but iasc [8:50:58 PM] p2pfound1: no consensus on 2 other names on the list [8:52:02 PM] p2pfound1: very would be provocative, but interesting, she [8:52:07 PM] p2pfound1: s the anti brian davey [8:52:32 PM] p2pfound1: I had email conversations with her [8:52:43 PM] p2pfound1: she expressed herself reasonably [8:52:48 PM] p2pfound1: ok! [8:52:53 PM] p2pfound1: good idea [8:53:04 PM] p2pfound1: she may be swiss though [8:53:39 PM] p2pfound1: silke will search for vera, fo rnext list [8:53:44 PM] p2pfound1: we go to eastern europe [8:54:15 PM] p2pfound1: silke very impressed about croation activist group 22 [8:54:31 PM] p2pfound1: their names are on the list, their collective proposal is daniela [8:54:52 PM] p2pfound1: Danijela Dolenec, Croatia, political scientist. moving fast to the commons [8:54:57 PM] p2pfound1: well connected as well [8:55:11 PM] p2pfound1: = an investment in the future [8:55:17 PM] p2pfound1: david confirms: good rationale [8:56:22 PM] p2pfound1: i agree on daniele first list [8:57:29 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 CROATIA, only one: Daniela [8:57:40 PM] p2pfound1: andrew's wife is russian, he's connected with russian and baltic groups [8:57:56 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 FINLAND: Andrew Paterson [8:58:50 PM] p2pfound1: she is involved in local currencies [8:59:02 PM] p2pfound1: she wrote a chapter in andrew's book on that [8:59:28 PM] p2pfound1: we go to france [8:59:59 PM] p2pfound1: herve stresses Geneviève Azam, Attac ;e veryone concurs, so [9:00:09 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 FRANCE, GENEVIEVE AZAM [9:01:12 PM] p2pfound1: Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace, he should be absoltuely there [9:01:21 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 2 FRANCE, philippe aigrain [9:01:59 PM] p2pfound1: couldn't here name [9:02:07 PM] p2pfound1: ah wojtek [9:02:17 PM] p2pfound1: working on new economy [9:02:21 PM] Frédéric Sultan: ... back [9:02:26 PM] p2pfound1: was in berlin [9:02:49 PM] p2pfound1: good ally of nicolas in fph foundation [9:03:18 PM] p2pfound1: seems like all-round candidate [9:03:22 PM] p2pfound1: everyone ok? [9:03:31 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 3: wojtek [9:04:24 PM] p2pfound1: orlean's book economy of value, seems important contributoin to our topic [9:04:36 PM] p2pfound1: silke supports candidacy [9:04:43 PM] p2pfound1: herve doesn't hear silke [9:05:00 PM] p2pfound1: silke also likes benjamin [9:05:22 PM] p2pfound1: silke stresses affinity [9:05:49 PM] p2pfound1: I SUPPORT ORLEAN FOR FIRST LIST [9:06:17 PM] p2pfound1: orlean on list 1 or 2 [9:06:35 PM] p2pfound1: NAME X: ORLEAN ON FIRST LIST [9:06:53 PM] p2pfound1: SILKE: what about benjamin coriat [9:07:08 PM] p2pfound1: frederic, asks about order [9:08:03 PM] p2pfound1: Benjamin Coriat on next list, proposes herve [9:08:10 PM] p2pfound1: silke agrees [9:08:22 PM] p2pfound1: all agree [9:08:26 PM] p2pfound1: now on to germany [9:09:32 PM] p2pfound1: silke proposes Veronika-Bennholdt Thomsen, [9:09:40 PM] p2pfound1: I'm out of the conversation altogether [9:12:01 PM] p2pfound1: no longer in call, sorry, can no longer transcribe , good luck! [9:12:17 PM] p2pfound1: I suggest copying previous text to the discussion page of the wiki [9:12:28 PM] David Bollier: Michel--I can't get you back online [9:12:42 PM] p2pfound1: modem/router problems, says my colleagues, overheadted [9:13:00 PM] Heike Loeschmann: Good idea. Thx. Michel so far [9:13:08 PM] p2pfound1: mssed 7 minutes [9:13:29 PM] p2pfound1: herve, perhaps you should copy/paste your notes here [9:13:29 PM] Krausz Nicolas: Michael Narberhaus [9:13:45 PM] p2pfound1: nicolas, has that name been 'approved'? [9:14:03 PM] p2pfound1: so i'm missing german names [9:14:08 PM] p2pfound1: going to UK [9:14:15 PM] hlccaen: michel, my notes are on the wiki. I save now [9:14:22 PM] David Bollier: Meretz, Veronika Bennholt-Thomsen [9:14:28 PM] p2pfound1: OK, THANKS [9:14:50 PM] p2pfound1: silke supports finance expert Larry Lohmann [9:15:07 PM] p2pfound1: david asks if tim jackson is tourist? [9:15:21 PM] Heike Loeschmann: Lol [9:15:26 PM] p2pfound1: silke supports tom jackson [9:16:07 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 UK: TIM JACKSON [9:16:13 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 2: Larry Lohmann [9:16:31 PM] Krausz Nicolas: Uygar Ozesmi from Turkey, Greenpeace ([email protected]) [9:16:48 PM] p2pfound1: HERVE supports SoC because of their action [9:17:00 PM] p2pfound1: I agree david that their analysis is not especially sophisticated [9:17:07 PM] p2pfound1: I suport Brian Davey [9:17:49 PM] p2pfound1: perhaps they can play a role as educators [9:17:57 PM] p2pfound1: i.e. refracting our work to UK audiences [9:18:02 PM] Heike Loeschmann: Me too.;) [9:18:10 PM] p2pfound1: I think we should have one person from them as well [9:18:42 PM] p2pfound1: frederic says balance with SoC in catalonia [9:18:57 PM] p2pfound1: perhaps a younger person like mark jagdev [9:20:18 PM] p2pfound1: brian davey -vera buhlam would provide interesting dynamic regarding technological future in age of resource scarcity [9:21:16 PM] p2pfound1: I don't agree with Brian, but he is really typical of particular anti-tech position that is important in the movements [9:21:37 PM] p2pfound1: frederic just came out of the sghower [9:22:17 PM] p2pfound1: NAME X: Brian Davey [9:22:22 PM] p2pfound1: next list: SoC UK [9:22:42 PM] p2pfound1: FRED insists SoCs hould be there, but either spain or uk [9:22:58 PM] p2pfound1: ok, now both are on 1st list says herve [9:23:41 PM] p2pfound1: George Papanikolau, active around open science and genetic commons, but also one of the clearest political/commons thinkers I have met, lives in Athens and I rate him very highly; also writes on info/energy commons issues*** [9:23:49 PM] p2pfound1: I'm a very big fan of George P. [9:25:52 PM] p2pfound1: OK! [9:26:15 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 GREECE: George P. [9:28:12 PM] p2pfound1: CAN'T HEAR RIGHT NOW [9:28:21 PM] p2pfound1: yes, she is very smart [9:28:37 PM] Silke Helfrich: For Heike: NAME 2 GREECE; Irene [9:28:54 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 LATVIA  : Rasa Smite [9:30:07 PM] p2pfound1: rasa will be put on 2nd list [9:31:01 PM] p2pfound1: lost connection again [9:33:16 PM] p2pfound1: karthik iyer is more interested in p2p than commons per se [9:33:42 PM] p2pfound1: we move to spain [9:35:33 PM] p2pfound1: mb proposes enrico first choice, oliver 2nd [9:36:44 PM] p2pfound1: NAME X: enrico from goteo, if not olivier schulbaum [9:37:05 PM] p2pfound1: marco berlinguer is moving to italy to launch a newspaper, I think [9:37:18 PM] p2pfound1: joan subirats writes for newspapers like publico [9:38:32 PM] p2pfound1: very important and strongly recommened belgian/german economist: Christian Arnsperger [9:38:56 PM] p2pfound1: [9:39:13 PM] p2pfound1: [9:39:35 PM] p2pfound1: david says nicola should be only 2nd round [9:39:44 PM] p2pfound1: we're in miscellaneous [9:41:10 PM] p2pfound1: david says add him to first list [9:41:24 PM] p2pfound1: NAME X FOR BELGIUM : CHRISTIAN ARNSPERGER [9:42:25 PM] p2pfound1: WHO from switzerland? [9:43:11 PM] p2pfound1: herve says, nobody from africa [9:44:22 PM] p2pfound1: I would be interested adding one person from urban commons background, I suggested stefano serafini, but other person would be good [9:44:45 PM] hlccaen: is he from switzerland ? [9:44:53 PM] p2pfound1: no, italy [9:45:11 PM] p2pfound1: but I could ask the commons/p2p urbanism group for suggestions from another country [9:45:18 PM] hlccaen: i add him on the next ist [9:45:21 PM] p2pfound1: k