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This is intended to be the discussion page for Abundance and the Generative Logic of the Commons. Since the page does not seem to exist yet, I have started by simple mimicry of the outline of the main page. My main interest in beginning this discussion arises in the coupling (or lack thereof) of economics and abundance. Orcmid 22:25, 28 November 2010 (UTC)


The 10 assertions of the presentation. The titles link back to the corresponding Main text:

#1: The Internet is creating an abundance of information and knowledge

#2: The abundance concept is even more neglected than the commons

#3: The wellspring of information abundance is the human urge to communicate

#4: A second wellspring of abundance is the urge in every living organism to reproduce

#5: The massive bulk of water, carbon, iron, silicon and other minerals on Earth as well as energy from the sun are also wellsprings of abundance

#6: Abundance creates commons

#7: Under conditions of abundance, reliability becomes more important than efficiency

#8: We can learn to make one abundance lead to another and create cascades of abundance

#9: Abundance spawns two contrary mindsets: monopolizing it for private profit-making, versus holding it in common for the good of the whole community and future generations

#10: Corporations are undermining abundance held in common


Further Commentary

Recommended readings on abundance