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Suggestions to check

Suggested by Lilian Ricaud:

Anne-Sophie Novel: a blogger journalist, with a phd in economics she's been writing about the sharing economy for a long time and is a reference on the topic in france:

Amadine Piron: currently undergoing a sociology phd on social innovation, she's been doing research on the sharing economy and one of the key people working with Michel Briand on open social innovation concept, ie applying open source concepts to document innovative social practices in order to make them shareable.

Melanie Gabard: Melanie is one the co-founder of Unisson, an informal network developping tools to facilitate the transition to a commons-based economy. Together with Simon Sarazin she's been one of the main people involved in developping the concepts and methodological tools built by Unisson.

Anne-Laure Brun-Buisson: Anne-Laure is founder of Sharelex, a commons on legal issues/solutions. Sharelex brings legal experts and amateurs to co-create a body of knowledge of legal solutions in order to make the law truly understandable and accessible to everyone.

Carole Fabre: Carole has been involved with several grass roots initiatives and now focusses on studying and democratizing knowledge about alternative currency systems. She works with Sybille Saint Girons who's in your list (


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  • Cassie Robinson This is great to see and to have to build on, I don't think you have a good representation of the people in the UK who are really pioneering stuff here though.. people like
  1. Tessy Britton
  2. Alice Fung
  3. Laura Billings
  4. Helen Goulden
  5. Deborah Szebeko
  6. Laura Bunt
  7. Charlotte Millar
  8. Gaia Casagrande

  • Daryl Taylor: should be on your list for their exemplar work on the Open Food Network and through the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL)
  1. Kirsten Larsen and
  2. Serenity Hill

  • Kate Michi Ettinger Would be great to see women from iHub in Kenya included, perhaps
  1. Nanjira Sambuli iHub @ninanjira

and women in open science/STEM, such as

  1. Jenny Molloy Open Science/OKFN @jennymolloy
  • Penny Travlou suggests:
  1. Rachel O'Dwyer
  • Matthew Slater suggests
  1. Stephanie Rearick USA, timebanking activist, community organiser, musician and founder of Mutual Aid Networks
  2. Sybille Saint Girons, France, making Wezer software for collective intelligence
  3. Kosha Joubert, CEO Global Ecovillage network, currently living in Findhorn, Scotland, author of book on collective wisdom called Beyond You and Me

Kevins Suggestions Addie Wagenknecht


20/02/15 Kevin is going to contact Sofia Cardona about doing an interview during his time in Spain. Possibly while visiting Cooperativa Integral Valencia.