Systems Energy Assessment

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"The standard measures of business energy use, like LCA, count energy use for technology used in business operations, but not for the energy needs of the services businesses employ. To combine them a new accounting method is needed, SEA, commonly increasing the total by a factor of five. The energy demands of the material processes are added to the energy demands for the business operating services employed. Those include the energy demands of employees, management, design, advertising, maintenance, Insurance, rent and taxes, etc, all of which are essential working parts of a business operation.

The total energy cost of businesses is far larger than just the fuel uses for technology, exposing business to far larger environmental risks and liabilities that previously understood.

The systems physics needed makes it possible for the first time to use an objective method to locate the natural physical boundary of a business as a working whole complex environmental system.

That allows traditional thermodynamic and net-energy physics analysis and to refer to organizational units of the environment as subjects of natural science." (

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