Summary of Open Source Designs and Projects To Fight the Covid-19 Outbreak

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  • Google Doc: Summary of Open Source Designs and Projects to fight the Covid-19 outbreak


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"As COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) spreads at a catastrophic rate, millions of lives could be at risk due to shortages of basic medical supplies like face masks, ventilator machines, and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Open source communities of Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Designers, and more are mobilizing in real-time to save lives. They are designing and manufacturing stop-gap solutions to fill dangerous voids in our medical supply chains.

These groups listed below have done an incredible job organizing folks and aggregating information. This document intends only to highlight their work through quick summaries and images so that professionals may find their work faster by skimming through images."

Table of Contents


  1. Groups
  2. 3D Printer Owner/Manufacturer Volunteers
  3. Design Challenges & prize money
  4. Designs - Ventilators
  5. Designs - Facemasks and PPE
  6. Reports and News Articles
  7. Discussions
  8. Basic Materials