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= ethical wholesaler Suma says it is the largest equal-pay co-operative in Europe; in Elland, West Yorkshire, UK



Helen Pidd:

"First, because it doesn’t have a CEO. And second, because all of Suma’s 190 employees, or “members” , earn exactly the same: £15.60 an hour, equating to £33,000 for a 35-hour, five-day week, plus bonuses and shares. From the 26-year-old newbie to the 65-year-old who has been with Suma since its birth as a co-op in 1977, there are no exceptions.

In Suma’s home of Elland, a market town near Halifax in West Yorkshire, that salary can buy you a home (a three-bed apartment in a converted mill is currently on sale for £103,000), plus “a decent car, a good family life and a nice holiday”, according to Nathalie Spencer, 35, who has worked at Suma for 14 years." (