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= aims to… dramatically lower the cost of a photo shoot or audio production by making community-owned photo and audio rentals as easy as possible.

URL = and

You can make money on equipment and space you already own, and gain access to the resources you need at a much lower price point.


'The idea came … from seeing all these professional studios sitting idle most of the time. The photo and audio industries are known to be equipment-heavy and every single production is completely different. So bring in everything you need from your community. It’s already there, just under-facilitated.

The easiest way to explain is… to say that it revolutionizes the way photo shoots and audio productions are being done. You can get everything you need whenever and wherever you need it.

The biggest misperception about is… that it is all B2B. By no means. In fact, enables people without much business experience to create their own little rental business and takes care of the entire business process.

A unique factor about is… that it is actually derived from a software development kit called TSA Core. We’ve developed this kit to help people who have great ideas in the Collaborative Consumption space but don’t have a software development team. You can read more about this on" (