Structural Separation

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A proposed solution to guarantee Network Neutrality of Internet providers.


David Isenberg:

"The carriers should simply be prohibited from having any financial interest in what they're carrying. Then we could let the carriers manage their networks without fear that they'd discriminate against traffic that competed with their interests because they would have no competing interests.

This solution, which is called Structural Separation, would guarantee and assure that any network management was for the sole purpose of congestion control, because that would be the carrier's only interest. Any bias in favor of one kind of packet or against another would be, by definition, entirely innocent. As such it could be easily remedied.

Structural Separation would make Network Neutrality simple. Enforcement of the proposition that carriers could have no financial interest in what is carried would be via audit. There would be no big fat complex rule book. There would be no government intervention in processes the government is not competent to govern. The carriers would behave, and the network would be de jure neutral. Simple." (