Stichting Repair Café

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= Stichting Repair Cafe supports local groups to start their own Repair Café.



"We offer the following free of charge:

  1. a comprehensive information package;
  2. customised advice;
  3. posters and flyers;
  4. publicity via our network.

All services by Stichting Repair Café are free of charge, on three conditions:

When we support an initiative and help to it get started, it must be called Repair Café (and not DIY workplace, Odd Job cafe or any other such name);

The Repair Café logo must always be used for publicity and any communications; and

Publicity and communications will, for additional information, always refer to

The idea behind these conditions is that we can all jointly build up a network of active Repair Cafés, and that information about them remains together (and therefore easily found by outsiders) via the Repair Café site." (