State of Research on the Collaborative Economy

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"Published on Jun 14, 2013 In this panel, we will dig into several key questions regarding research and knowledge about the collaborative economy: What are we talking about? What are the research topics related to the collaborative economy, peer-to-peer and networked citizen innovation? What are the scientific disciplines involved? What are the key existing and upcoming research works about the collaborative economy? What is really missing now? How could networked communities work with research institutions, both as an object of research (living lab) and a source of data/analysis? What is the status research projects about collaboration at the EU level?

Moderators Benjamin Tincq Co-Founder, OuiShare


Michel Bauwens Founder, P2P Foundation

Francesca Bria Associate, Nesta

Jacques-François Marchandise Co-Founder & Foresight, FING

Fabrizio Sestini Scientific Officier, European Commission

Video credits: Recording: Tristan Copley Smith (@trizcs) Editing: Maxime Lathuilière (@maxlath) OuiShare