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= " a non-profit organization committed to leading, innovating, and disseminating the development of tiny house villages".

URL = https://www.squareonevillages.org/


"SquareOne Villages is a non-profit organization committed to leading, innovating, and disseminating the development of tiny house villages throughout our home state of Oregon, and to all corners of U.S. and beyond.

The impetus for this effort began in early 2012, shortly after the eviction of a tent city in Eugene, Oregon. The event catalyzed public concern around the issue of homelessness, and gave momentum to a citizen-led initiative focused on proposing an alternative response.

The result was Opportunity Village Eugene, a transitional micro-housing community for otherwise unhoused individuals and couples—funded by local donations of time, materials, and cash. Initially approved as a one year pilot project on city-owned land, the self-managed community has provided a home to more than 100 people since opening in August 2013.

Following on this success, SquareOne acquired a second piece of land with a vision of developing permanent, affordable housing based on a similar village model. Known as Emerald Village Eugene, the 22-unit tiny house cooperative has received its land use approvals, and is scheduled to begin construction this spring.

Together, Opportunity and Emerald provide two different types of villages for bridging the gap between the street and conventional housing options. They have garnered significant interest as cities continue to grapple with the housing problem outlined above. However, due to the unconventional nature of these projects, they often face significant political barriers in the development process.

In an effort to guide the aspirations of other groups looking to adapt a similar village in their locale, we have begun to compile this Village TOOLBOX. The goal here is to provide a comprehensive set of resources for planning and developing a tiny house village—from concept to reality—and to emphasize a collaborative process that brings a diverse range of stakeholders to the table. It's intended to be a living document that will continue to grow and evolve over time." (https://www.squareonevillages.org/sdfewhr)