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Theodoros Karyotis:

As introduced by the VioMe occupied factory:

"How can the workers safeguard the radical character of the experiment and avoid becoming an “alternative” multi-shareholder capitalist enterprise guided by the profit principle or using wage labour? In answer to that, many participants pointed towards the close relationship with the wider community. It is not sufficient for production to be worker-controlled, although it is a necessary first step to break the vicious circle of capitalist exploitation. Production should also be socially controlled, it should be environmentally and politically sound and grounded on the values of respect and solidarity.

The workers of VioMe echoed these concerns when they announced that, in the statute of the upcoming cooperative that is aimed at legalising their activity after their first anniversary of workers' self-management, they recognise the figure of the “solidarity supporter”. This is any member of the wider community that commits themselves to consuming a certain amount of products of the factory, and in exchange has the right to have first hand information about the struggle, participate in workers' assemblies, and help in decision making through an advisory vote. A bridge is thus built between workers' and social control of production." (