Solidarity Infrastructure

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= concept used by the Ownership Matters newsletter


"If you’re looking at all the innovation happening around the solidarity economy today, most of it unheralded thus far, it resembles that earlier period. Just consider a few examples, not meant to be comprehensive:

  • The private equity model is being turned upside down in order to distribute equity and earnings to employees of businesses newly converted to co-ops (Main Street Phoenix Project)
  • The real estate investment trust (REIT) model is being re-engineered to make place-based ownership available to owners of child care centers (Mission Driven Finance)
  • The holding company model is being reinvented to allow multiple worker-owned businesses to leverage the advantages of operating under single structure (Obran)
  • The incubator / accelerator model is being converted to one which founds businesses focused on worker equity and well-being (The Industrial Commons)

(September 2021 newsletter, via email)