Solidarity Economy Network

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= umbrella organization for the alternative economy, created at the June 2007 U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta

Announced and reviewed here by Kevin Carson.


  1. Global movement: to join with and build the movement for transformative social and economic justice. To develop strong relationships and exchange between U.S. and global organizations, practitioners and solidarity economy networks such as NANSE (N. American Network for the Solidarity Economy) and RIPESS (Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Solidarity Economy).
  2. Common vision and framework: To create a structure and vision that can promote a common identity and agenda among the currently fragmented elements of the U.S. solidarity economy. SEN will build a learning community on issues relevant to the solidarity economy, including discussing and debating strategies and practices, and helping each other to uphold the principles of the solidarity economy.
  3. Collaboration: To investigate and develop ways to build collaborative support systems for solidarity economy development. Examples might include: coordination between solidarity economy producers, suppliers and distributors; collaborative marketing, branding and distribution; group purchasing of insurance, energy, supplies; peer support & tech. assistance.
  4. Visibility and public support: To raise the visibility, legitimacy and public support for solidarity economy practices through public education and media coverage.

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