Social Kitchen Panel at Food 2.0

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"The Social Kitchen: How Social Networks & the Internet Have Hacked The Home Cooking Experience Moderated by Mike Lee, Founder, Studiofeast


Amanda Hesser- Co-Founder, Food52 Sarah Maine- Co-Founder, RecipeRelay Michael Lavalle- CEO, Gojee Will Turnage- Mobile App Creator, Ratio & Bread Baking Basics

The kitchen has always been a hub of social activity in the home. For generations, cooking techniques and recipes have been passed on through real life interactions within the four, physical walls of a residential kitchen. Over the past decade, social networks & the internet have broken these walls down and home cooks are now exposed to an infinitely larger data set of ideas and inspiration to empower their cooking pursuits in the home. Hear from our panelists how this onslaught of data has benefited the home cook, changed the public discourse on cooking and foodie-ism, and created challenges in filtering and vetting all of this information."

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