Social Enterprise Models for Distributed Energy

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= provided by Local United, which aims brings together and supports community activists who are setting up social enterprises to address the challenges of peak oil and climate change. It aims to speed up the rate at which good ideas are adopted by community groups motivated to build low-carbon economies. [1]

Directory of Publications

Diffusion packs distribued by NEF:

  1. Energy Farms - Anaerobic Digestion (2.7Mb) [2]
  2. Community-Led Food Initiatives (3.4Mb) [3]
  3. Energy Performance Energy Services Company (1.6 Mb) [4]
  4. Community-Led Hydro Initiatives (3.5Mb) [5]
  5. Sustainable Community Loan Fund (2.7Mb) [6]
  6. Community-Led Wind Power (0.9Mb) [[7]]
  7. Community-Led Reuse of Resources (1.4Mb) [8]
  8. Community-Led Transport Initiatives (5.1Mb) [9]