Social Contract

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Rajani Kanth:

"From the ancient idea of a binding Societal Compact , EM took us into the disposable/negotiable universe of a Social Contract.

Of a sudden, the now aggrandized , even heroic, ‘ individual ‘ was placed in direct communion with ‘god’ : without any mediation of society( and obligations owed to the latter, leastways as a means to salvation).

This sharp turn, evolved into the now All-familiar ‘western’ denizen , Lutheran or not, that strides the world in seven- league boots.

Self-directed, estranged from supposedly gratuitous societal ties and obligations so as to pursue his/her personal goals, unrelated to the general welfare, unrestrictedly - chafing actively at any curbs to his/her ‘freedom’.

The irrationality to which this pathology can be pushed is evident in the US: where giant corporations won the ‘right’ of being classified, legally. as a ‘natural person’ (i.e. as a sovereign individual) –freed from social accountability (Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 1886), to the lasting detriment of the public interest and social welfare." (