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A set of 6 demands proposed by Bruno Perens to insure open, non-monopolistic markets in software.



"We believe that there should be a fair, competitive market for computer software, both proprietary and Open Source.

We stand for these principles:

Open Standards

Intercommunication and file formats should follow standards that are sincerely open for all to implement, without royalty fees or discrimination.

Choice Through Interoperability

No user should be required to use a particular product simply because other users do. Competing products should interoperate with each other through open standards.

Competition by Merit

Software vendors should compete fairly on the merit of their products, rather than by attempting to lock each other's products out of the market.

Research Availability

The people pay for government-funded research, its fruits should be available to all of them equally. We promote Open Source / Free Software licensing as a means of distributing research results fairly.

Range of Copyright Policies

We include the supporters of a broad range of different copyright policies, from Public Domain through Open Source and Free Software to Proprietary. We support use of the GPL and LGPL licenses when appropriate. We assert that Open Source and Proprietary models can be used together effectively.

Freedom to Set Policy

Individual users, businesses, and government should all be free to set their own policies regarding what sorts of software they will acquire and use. They should not force their policies upon others.