Silja Graupe

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= Silja Graupe is assistant professor of philosophy and economics at Alanus University [1] of Arts and Social Sciences, Germany.

Commons-related activities

Graupe’s research interests linked to the conference theme’s are:

1) Notions of place (Japanese: basho) and inbetweenness (Japanese: aida) in Chinese and Japanese thought. How can these notions point us to a new philosophical foundation of the commons in cross-cultural perspectives?

2) The critique of mainstream economics’ hidden conceptual assumptions. Here Graupe’s main hypothesis is, that the latter do not only work so as to recklessly neglect the commons but far more fundamentally work so as to both implicitly and explicitly negate, undermine and even destroy any commons’ social and cultural foundations.

3) The Social Dynamics of Leadership. In the context of the commons, how do we need to rethink the driving forces behind organizational change in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives?

4) Education. How can education enhance the transmission and transformation of knowledge, social responsiveness and values in order to contribute to both a commons’ sustainability and creative innovation?