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Together with Bruno Perens, The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source, this is a classic essay on the business models for Open Source Software



"Commercial software companies face many challenges in growing their business in today's fast-moving and competitive industry environment. Recently many people have proposed the use of an open-source development model as one possible way to address those challenges. This document investigates the business of commercial open-source software, including why a company might adopt an open-source model, how open-source licensing works, what business models might be usable for commercial open-source products, what special considerations apply to commercial products released as open source, and how various objections relating to open source might be answered. The target audience is commercial software and hardware companies and individual software developers considering some sort of open-source strategy or just curious about how such a strategy might work."

More Information

  1. Frank Hecker's model is also summarized by Janet Hope in our entry on Open Source Business Models
  2. See also our entry on Free Software Business Models
  3. Bruno Perens. The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source