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Alessio Bini:

"“Senza soldi”, that means “No Money”, is a distribution network that was established to get over the shortage of money in the current italian economic context.

The basic idea is not to use one complementary currency, but to use any and all possible and legal instruments of complementary currencies. So “Senza soldi” uses:

a) one virtual currency for exchanges business to business (b2b), on the model of swiss W.I.R.. This currency is computed by a software, built by local programmers, who have empowered it with bank level security code. This virtual currency is very important, because it's safe and inspires trust in all users and moreover, it produces itself (gets issued) whenever production within the local economic system increases.

b) one complementary currency for exchanges business to consumer (b2c). It operates like a discount-ticket. It's possible to spend it only for a percentage of the price. Initially, “Senza soldi” used one of the most popular complementary currencies present in Italy. But, all these complementary currencies have a weak point: they can be counterfeited. In Argentina, during the years of the big default, all local currencies collapsed for reason of the same weak point. So, “Senza soldi” has created a new kind of paper money with an exclusive safety feature - a paper with filigrane (watermark). This type of paper is produced by a unique establishment in the word: it's in Tuscany. So, “Senza soldi” has attained two goals: makeing its currency safe and endorsing the local economy.

c) one alternative currency for consumer to consumer (c2c) exchanges or barter. In Italy, there circulates one specific currency for this kind of exchanges, but it is virtual and it does not support very well the dynamics of barter. So “Senza soldi” uses a limited series of its own b2c currency, but in this case the currency is used for the entire price.

So, “No money exchange” means genuinely “exchange without legal currency”, such that business can be done without needing the euro.

This is the administrative operation of “Senza soldi”. But what really makes the difference is the promotional animation activity of the “Senza soldi” team.

The b2b exchanges are vitalized by network marketing and by the organization of trade shows.

The b2c exchanges are vitalized both by a network of public relation operators, and also by the organization of local events.

The c2c exchange are vitalized by a facebook group and by a local market of barter exchange.

Summarizing the relevant italian laws, it is possible to use one currency in two forms: a virtual and a paper version. The first one has the function of increasing monetary asset every time that the national production increases. The second one allows small and private exchanges without control, that are necessary in the everyday life."