Alessio Bini

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"I have studied in depth Economy and Philosophy. My attention to the economics studies become to the accountant studies during the upper-school. During the University, I studied Philosophy with particular attention to the analytical approach to the matter. So I have known not the history of ideas and the lives of philosophers, but I've have known the ideas themselves and the relations between them. I have continue to study the Economy and its foundations and I've understood that the microeconomic theory was grounded on an wrong ideas of human nature. On the other hand, macroeconomic theory was grounded on a partial ideas of human relations. My philosophical studies will continue to the degree on the Philosophy of Science (Relativistic Theory, Quantum Mechanics), Logic, and in particular to the Artificial Intelligence, in which matter I've wrote my degree thesis. In the years lather, I continue to study the Economy, searching it's limits and I've seen the biggest recession of Western civilization. In the free time I've study the history of Middle Age, having contribute to the activity of local Historical Institutions. I've revised in the present the same dynamics of the end of Roman Empire and the cameback to the Middle Age. In the North of Tuscany the Middle Age was a golden era for the citizen. There's no liege lord, no person that govern the others. The citizen was free. Each one had precise rights and precise duties. Only 1% was miserable and this 1% was helped to the community. The money was not necessary to the life. The goods was exchanged without money and even taxes was payed with goods. Little communities was organized in “Castella” without liege lord and each citizen must administrate common life at least six month in his life.

Knowing so and knowing that the present recession was caused to the shortage of money, I have create a local distribution chain based on all the legal instruments that don't make use of money: complementary money for exchange B2C, virtual money on the model of swiss W.I.R. for exchange B2B, and barter for exchange C2C. The name of this distribution chain is “Senza Soldi”, that in italian means “No money”. "