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"For the first time, print-on-demand companies are successfully positioning themselves as respectable alternatives to mainstream publishing and erasing the stigma of the old-fashioned vanity press. Some even make a case that they give authors an advantage -- from total control over the design, editing and publicity to a bigger share of the profits." ( )

The article mentions iUniverse and Booksurge. See also


Compiled from [1]:

  • Scribd: Use this site to publish your great ideas, stories and instructional manuals online and share and sell them.
  • Lulu: From traditional text to ebooks and more, this site offers many options to publish your own work.
  • iUniverse: Here you’ll find tools to affordably publish your book.
  • Blurb: Whether you want to put together a book of photos or of short stories, this site can help you do it.
  • Fultus: Publish to paper, ebook or blook with this great self-publishing site.
  • WordClay: With this site you’ll be able to publish, promote and distribute your book.
  • Xlibris: Even if you know nothing about self-publishing, this site can help guide you through the process.
  • formatpixel: Check out this site to publish online, from magazines to brochures, to share your ideas and products.
  • Publetariat Vault: This online community and service will help you get your book out there and read by more people.
  • BookSurge: Pay a visit to this site to learn how to publish, maintain your rights and make a profit."