Selana Tzschiesche

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" member of the grassroot organization FelS in Berlin which is part of the nation wide organizing experiment Interventionist Left ; involved in struggles around Climate- and Energy Politics for a few years; since 2011 also part of the Energy Round Table in which she was struggling for the socialization of the city’s energy supply; Student of Philosophy, trying to find a way of combining social research with theoretical reflection.

The FelS Climate Working was part of a network called 'Energy Roundtable' which tried to gain the remunicipalisation of the city's electricity grid and the foundation of public utilities through a long planned petition. In our involvement we (FelS) focused mainly on the aspects of fuel poverty (demanding a stop of cuts and general accessibility to electricity) and the democratic control by users and employees, which we framed as aspects of the socialization of energy as a common. The petition was not successful (although it gained over 80% approval) - but we keep on fighting, hoping that one day we'll be producing and using energy in a way neither we nor people affected by climate change do suffer from." (