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= A Seed Factory is a new kind of production system which has three major differences from conventional factories: self-expansion, diversification and scaling.

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"The factory is designed as an integrated system. It brings together multiple production steps from raw materials and energy to finished items. Each part of the factory produces resources needed by the other parts to function, making it self-sustaining. Since the parts are all in one place, the whole production chain can take advantage of automation and robotics. Integrated processes can also take waste outputs from one step, and use them as inputs for another. The combination results in a highly efficient design.

As the factory expands, it produces a growing variety of products for end users, and an increasing percentage of the items for its own growth. The relatively low cost of a starter kit, and the low operating cost from integrated processes and automation, make this system very desirable on an economic basis.

Replication: Produces copies of its own parts so as to eventually copy the entire set.

Diversification: Produces parts for new equipment, thus expanding the range of possible outputs.

Scaling: Produces parts for larger versions of existing equipment." (

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