Second International Conference With All and for the Good of All

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= international conference held in Cuba



"The world program of activities in tribute to José Martí on the 160th anniversary of his birth opens huge possibilities for contacts and exchanges among personalities of the academy, science, art, culture, politics and social and religious movements that share common concerns in the face of the worsening of the global crisis that endangers the future of our species, as well as the same hope in human improvement and in the usefulness of virtue to face and defeat such threat. With that purpose of dialogue for the action, the UNESCO sponsors the José Martí Project of International Solidarity, which hereby convokes to the Second International Conference With All and for the Good of All, to be held in the Palace of Conventions of Havana, Cuba, from the 25th to the 28th of January, 2016.

This conclave (the Second International Conference With All and for the Good of All will endeavor to stimulate and systematize the most plural debate of ideas among persons of good will from throughout the world, and place Martí's ideas, profoundly ethical in all its expressions, at the service of the dialogue to create an understanding of the need of policies aimed at targets such as the following:

· Eliminate poverty and favor social inclusion in the face of the inhuman practice of exclusion and segregation by races, sex, religion and any form of discrimination.

· Foster the capacities of education and culture for the formation of human beings capable of developing fully as individuals in their solidary relation with their fellowmen.

· Promote a balance in the relations between societies, and with the ecosystems of which the existence of our species is dependent.

· Affirm the ethical importance of the principle of unity against the trend to division and opposition produced by the uncertainty that is proper of a critical circumstance."