Sarah Scholz

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"I studied Regional Studies of Latin America (as well as Stefan Tuschen) with a focus on development studies and (international) cooperative studies. My first contact to the concept of the Commons was in my last year at university in 2010 where I wrote my masters thesis in which I applied Ostroms Design principles to the work of an association of local authorities in El Salvador. A great step forward in the relationsship between me and the Commons was the first german Summerschool on the Commons last summer in Bechstedt and the autumn academy of the Alanus University near Bonn. From this moment on, where I as well got more settled, our relationship evolved from a mainly academic one into a more hands-on contact in everyday life, which is very fulfilling for me at the moment. Right now, I’m living in a co-housing project (, I’m part of the local Transition Town Initiative ( and I‘m actively working towards the first Community Supported Agriculture in Bonn. If everything is working out well,we‘ll have had our first weeks of fresh local veges, cereals, eggs and flowers when we’ll meet in Berlin in May. But still, the academic realm of the Commons and especially the international discussion at the ECC is something I’m really looking forward to!"