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"The RBEF was founded on the 20th of February 2009 from the wish that many before us have been pursuing: the longing for a better world. Our contribution shall be through researching topics related to moneyless forms of sharing the marvels of our earthly existence.

Very generally speaking, RBEF is a set of tools for the transition from the Monetary System to a Resource-Based Economy. RBEF provides research on the transition economy model, develops global projects, and a libre resources management platform."



The Resource Based Economy Foundation (RBEF) is a group of people with a common vision from various geographical locations. Our goal is to address the root causes that lead to the economic, ecological, and ethical problems that we see in the world today and by this contribute to a societal paradigm shift by depriving the negative effects of their causation. Our efforts are directed at removing the cause rather than being wasted on remedying the effects.

The RBEF is concerned with establishing legal and operational guidelines that will enable people and communities throughout the globe to achieve mutual cooperation and through that eliminate social, environmental, political, and economic restrictions that prevent humanity from progressing. RBEF is a set of tools for the transition from the Monetary System to Resource Based Economy and provides research on the transition economy model, develops global resource based projects, and a libre resources management platform.

We believe that the current economic setup creates more problems than provides solutions as can be noticed by following the very recent national and international events. Economy, in order to function, relies on the upholding of Artificial Scarcity on goods which is maintained by various mechanisms known as "Planned Obsolescence", "abundance of scarcity"[1], "Priority Of Profit", "Distortion Of Values", and "Fiscal Manipulation". All those mechanisms reflect negatively on environmental health, employment rates, economy, crime rates, moral values, standards of living, and life itself. The effects can be seen by the growing gap between rich and poor, which at the end only benefits the smallest part of humanity while destroying the remaining human lives, fauna and flora.

We understand the need for public presence and raising of awareness of fellow humans. Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that we learn to understand the fundamental root causes of totalitarian institutions that lead to the current unacceptable form of society all over the world. Those fundamental causes include the misunderstanding about human behavior that creates and supports the economic dictatorships in power, and the erroneous design of the monetary economy that, a priori, must lead to stratification and a widening gap between economic classes, and unemployment, just to name the two major effects.

Our tools to achieve a global prospering society are the creation of global awareness, education, understanding today's possibilities for technical solutions, and the application of the scientific method in order for humanity to invert this vicious cycle we find ourselves in today.

We work with the principles of openness and transparency including the use of today's already existing elements of resource-based economy ranging from open source software, through open content licenses, to open design of the transition plan. Following the principle "everyone is a leader", we have simply started implementing solutions, which we anticipate to become useful for humanity at large.

Further, we stress non-violent action by avoiding "us versus them" attitudes, and probably the most critical of all, giving people a positive prospect of the future. For this reason, we believe that it is important to point the beacon towards the ideas that have already liberated the awareness of approximately a million people world-wide, according to current estimates. This beacon into a prosperous and just future must be ignited right now.

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