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A. Massimo Calderazzi:

"The most relevant among possible changes is demolishing our political system, based on domineering parties and on lifetime careers of lousy politicians. The way to achieve their annihilation is shifting from elections to sortition. Elections were and are for oligarchy. Sortition shall be again the ultimate way to enfranchise the people, as it was in the city-states of the Athenian system.

We, a Milan small group called Research Unit on Direct Democracy, were first in Italy to develop a tentative scheme for Randomcracy in a country such ours. In the year 2000 the scheme was outlined in a report by the title Il Pericle elettronico ( As for sortition, we value and fully accept the findings of the Kleroterian scholars Stone, Dowlen and Delannoi, the authors of the report The Lottery as a Democratic Institution." (