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= (Danish) program for helping manufacturing companies design open source hardware business models


"Is future manufacturing open source? Together with international and Danish experts, the Danish Design Centre explores how to design competitive business models for manufacturing companies based on open source principles." [1]


"a growth programme for Danish manufacturing companies who wish to explore and develop new business models based on open-source principles, and which are tailor-made to fit their industry and their specific situation." (


REMODEL Open Source Business Model Toolkit

"Radical sharing of knowledge: Learnings, tools and methods from both the test runs and the main programme will be collected and shared as we go along through a REMODEL Open Source Business Model Toolkit, which will be freely available during and after the program."

REMODEL Open Source Business Model Summit

"On top of this we will be organising a REMODEL Open Source Business Model Summit event in the spring of 2018, where participating companies, the international advisory board, prominent speakers and anyone else who are interested are invited to Denmark to share their experiences and think about the next steps for open sourced-based business models for manufacture companies. The ambition is that the participating companies will be among the first in the world to be able to launch brand new and remarkable business models, thus taking the lead on the global open source manufacturing trend."


Christian Villum:

"The first learnings are already coming in from two pilots we have initiated with Danish manufacturing companies."

Timeline for 2017-2018

Christian Villum:

"REMODEL consists of a series of design-driven stages. In January, the programme was launched in a testing phase in which the Danish Design Centre collaborates with two Danish manufacturing companies, who will go through modules of the programme over the course of spring. These modules are developed along the way based on the needs and challenges that emerge as they move towards an open business model. 2-3 other companies will join the test phase later on.

The key learnings from these test runs will serve as the foundation of the official REMODEL programme, which we expect to launch in October, and which will have room for 10 to 15 companies. These companies get to choose among various work modules to tailor-make a process for themselves with a total duration of 3 to 4 months. The outcome will be a new business model that is ready to be implemented, and which can be market tested immediately." (