Real Internet Access and Impact Criteria

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A set of 12 criteria to determine the real level of access and the impact of internet, developed by in South Africa



"The Real Access criteria are used to frame the analysis of all issues surrounding ICT access and use, including the "soft" aspects that are often overlooked. They are designed to anticipate or detect the reasons that ICT development initiatives, government e-strategies, or grassroots projects fail to achieve their goals or highlight how and why these projects succeed.

There are twelve inter-related Real Access criteria that can be used to improve the way that ICT-based development policies and initiatives are planned, researched, monitored and evaluated. Each criterion is set out below, with a short description and a set of example questions that can help frame thinking about how to apply it to ICT projects and policies." (


The Real Access criteria are:

   (1) Physical access to technology
   (2) Appropriateness of technology
   (3) Affordability of technology and technology use
   (4) Human capacity and training
   (5) Locally relevant content, applications, and services
   (6) Integration into daily routines
   (7) Socio-cultural factors
   (8) Trust in technology
   (9) Local economic environment
   (10) Macro-economic environment
   (11) Legal and regulatory framework
   (12) Political will and public support

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