Real Circular Economy

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* The Real Circular Economy. How Relocalising Production With Not-For-Profit Business Models Helps Build Resilient and Prosperous Societies. By Sharon Ede. Post-Growth Institute, 2016

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Important overview essay on the world ecological crisis and how the current form of the circular economy proposals need to be broadened and deepened in order to have real systemic effect.


Sharon Ede:

"Efforts to crystallise and focus attention on creating a circular economy have created a huge awareness of, interest in and momentum for approaches that make a lot of environmental and economic sense.

At the same time, a technological approach to the circular economy is necessary, but not sufficient, to get us on track for a secure future.

The principles of a circular economy speak to material resources and our systems of managing them, however with a few exceptions, there is little mention in contemporary circular economy debate of the wider milieu of economic, social and cultural systems in which a circular economy must operate.

Adopting a broader definition of ‘circular economy’ can help us build a sustainable, prosperous and fair society."