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"This landmark conference on creativity and ownership in the fashion industry was presented by the Lear Center's Creativity,Commerce & Culture project, and sponsored by The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM. The Ready to Share project explores the fashion industry's enthusiastic embrace of sampling, appropriation and borrowed inspiration, core components of every creative process. The event featured provocative trend forecasts, sleek fashion shows and an eclectic mix of experts from the fashion, music, TV and film industries."

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Ready to Share Research Reports

The following papers were published in Ready to Share: Fashion & the Ownership of Creativity (Norman Lear Center Press, 2006). Request a free copy or download PDF versions here:

By Christine Cox and Jennifer Jenkins

Duke Law Professor Jennifer Jenkins and intellectual property lawyer Christine Cox explore the relationship between fashion and various U.S. intellectual property regimes, examining why fashion design generally is not protectable under copyright, design patent, trademark or trade dress.

By David Bollier and Laurie Racine

Written by two senior fellows at the Norman Lear Center, this paper argues that the fashion business reveals a great deal about the “cultural hydraulics” of creativity and the novel ways in which intellectual property law can foster, and not restrict, creative freedom.

By Marissa Gluck and Aram Sinnreich

Two USC scholars – both former Jupiter Research analysts – examine the subtle yet effective way the fashion community regulates copying, in contrast to the dense copyright protection and brute legal force that characterize the music industry.

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  • Ready to Share: An Annotated Bibliography [1]

By Patrick Reed

Norman Lear Center researcher Patrick Reed provides detailed annotations to articles and books on the topic of creativity and ownership in the fashion industry and its relationship with the entertainment industry.