Ragavan Srinivasan on Open Licenses in Education

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Ragavan Srinivasan on Open Source Licenses in Education

URL = http://educationbridges.net/k12opensource/wp-content/uploads/RagavanHP.mp3

Summary at http://stevehargadon.blogspot.com/2006/10/ragavan-srinivasan-from-hp-gives.html


"An extremely well-prepared Ragavan Srinivasan of HP gives an overview of Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and the Free and Open Source Licenses.

one of the real high points of the discussion was his description of the two different ways in which FLOSS is used in schools: "FLOSS in Education," and "FLOSS as Education." "FLOSS in Education" is the use of FLOSS for regular computing tasks, whereas "FLOSS as Education" is the teaching of programming--and collaborative programming--by using FLOSS."