Radical Anthropology

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"Radical Anthropology is the journal of the Radical Anthropology Group.

Anthropology asks one big question: what does it mean to be human? To answer this, we cannot rely on common sense or on philosophical arguments. We must study how humans actually live – and the many different ways in which they have lived. This means learning, for example, how people in non-capitalist societies live, how they organise themselves and resolve conflict in the absence of a state, the different ways in which a ‘family’ can be run, and so on.

Additionally, it means studying other species and other times. What might it mean to be almost – but not quite –human? How socially self-aware, for example, is a chimpanzee? Do nonhuman primates have a sense of morality?

Do they have language? And what about distant times? Who were the Australopithecines and why had they begun walking upright? Where did the Neanderthals come from and why did they become extinct? How, when and why did human art, religion, language and culture first evolve?" (http://www.radicalanthropologygroup.org/old/journal_04.pdf)