Putting Citizens First

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Report: Putting Citizens First: Transforming Online Government. A White Paper Written for the 2008 – 2009 Presidential Transition Team by the Federal Web Managers Council. November 2008

URL = http://www.usa.gov/webcontent/documents/Federal_Web_Managers_WhitePaper.pdf).

Text via http://www.techpresident.com/blog/entry/33414/putting_citizens_first_transforming_online_govt_white_paper; Update via http://www.techpresident.com/blog/entry/33478/federal_web_managers_social_media_and_the_federal_government

More info: Please contact the Federal Web Managers Council co-chairs, Sheila Campbell (Sheila.campbell at gsa dot gov) and Rachel Flagg (Rachel.flagg at hud dot gov).


From TechPresident:

"With the federal government in transition, and high expectations for the Obama Administration to revolutionize how government uses the web and other technology to make its processes more open, interactive and effective, we thought it would be interesting to repost this white paper, which was recently posted online by the Federal Web Managers Council. The council is an interagency group of almost 30 senior web managers from the federal government, that includes web directors from every cabinet-level agency, several independent agencies, and representatives from the judicial and legislative branches. It serves as the steering committee for the Web Content Managers Forum, a group of nearly 1,500 government web managers across the country. These folks are on the front-line of how government uses the web--and as you'll see from what follows, they're chomping at the bit to move forward into the Networked Age." (http://www.techpresident.com/blog/entry/33414/putting_citizens_first_transforming_online_govt_white_paper)