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Pedro Jardim:

"We strongly believe that our customers and employees should be able to help build a company that can stay true to its purpose and mission over the long term. This new ownership structure is called “Purpose Ownership” (self-ownership), which hacks traditional business ownership structures to give companies the benefits of traditional cooperatives without the being bound to a pre-determined, inflexible governance structure.

By separating capital from the power to make decisions on behalf of the company, Purpose Ownership makes it easier for companies to live out their values without compromise. This change to ownership structures prevents capital from being primarily used to optimise its own multiplication, and uses the Purpose Foundation to hold a veto right that negates any changes to the following 2 substantial points in a company’s constitution:

  • 1. Ownership = Entrepreneurship

Voting rights always belong to those who lead the company and are responsible for it. If a founder leaves the company, they must transfer their control rights (ownership) to a successor, who is committed to the purpose and the idea of the company.

  • 2 Profit = Means, not an end in itself

Voting rights (company ownership) are not connected to dividend rights. Investors receive fair dividend rights (or fair interest rates) but no voting rights. Purpose companies understand profits as seeds for the future development of the company." (https://b.coliga.co/be-more-human-capital-%E2%84%BF-76beaa58dba5#.jdb3doasx)

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