Public Domain Advocacy Organizations

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Public Domain advocacy organizations

The Center for the Public Domain (U.S.), is at

Public Knowledge (U.S.), is at

The Union for the Public Domain (international), is at

Definition of the public domain and of the commons

Most of the time, both concepts are used interchangeably, though the Commons seems to overtake the Public Domain in terms of popularity. The public domain concept relates the 'outside' of the intellectual propery system, i.e. items without copyright, and thus stresses the open access features: nobody can be excluded. The Commons stresses the absense of state, corporate and individual control, in favour of distributed control, and is related to non-private and non-state common property regimes.

For an investigation of the differences between the concepts, see the essays by James Boyle, at (The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the Public Domain) and (The Opposite of Property)

Definition and problematic of the public domain:

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