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"Project VRM is a community-driven effort to support the creation and building of VRM tools. ProjectVRM carries forward thinking by various parties around the world. These include ideas brought up by Doc Searls and is fellow Cluetrain Manifesto authors, work of the Buyer Centric Commerce Forum and other allied efforts in the U.K., and many sessions at Internet Identity Workshops. Some VRM community members are also active in Internet Identity groups such as Identity Commons and (where there is a VRM charter) and Project Liberty. It should be noted, however, that identity management and relationship management are overlapping but separate concerns. Here we work on the latter. In that context, we look for identity with VRM to be user-driven or user-controlled rather than user-centric.

ProjectVRM is headquartered at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and headed by Doc Searls, a fellow with the Center.

In addition to this wiki, ProjectVRM has a blog and a mailing list. Work is also currently underway to create a static home site, so this wiki can serve more as a work space."