Production without Manufacturer

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Production without a manufacturer, or the demand-side supplying itself:

"Few people in mainstream world even recognize that a radically new kind of economics is emerging – the “demand-side" supplying itself! Searls said that open source is the victory of ST – “social technology" -- over IT – information technology. This stems directly from the commons principles that lie at the heart of the Internet – “No one owns it. Everybody can use it. Anyone can improve it. One comment by Searls really reverberated with me. He said that the word “authority" means that we grant certain people the right to “author" who we are. Now that hierarchical authority is being supplanted by decentralized, networked authority, in effect, “We are all the authors of each other." (copy from unknown blog, received by personal communication)

An example from the field of music:

"Record companies, schmecord companies – who needs ‘em? That’s not where the money is. The business is with the real customers – the fans. That’s who we’re trying to connect with," band member Frank Black, AKA Black Francis, told the Associated Press this week. "I never really was much of a believer in the album anyway," Black said. "Singles are what people relate to." Apparently, the band doesnt feel it needs a record label any more and, while their plans are still unformed at the moment, the idea generally is to combine selling live CDs made and then sold at concerts, producing music for movies and commercials and distributing singles via the internet.." (email communication from Christophe Lestavel, original source DM Europe at