Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks

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* Book: The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks. by Joshua Cooper Ramo. Little Brown, 2017


"a book that explains ‘What Networks Do’ (social & political effects) and why they are important for POWER." [1]


from the publisher:

"Not since the twin hammers of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution battered apart the foundations of old Europe has the world faced a shift as elemental, as epochal as what confronts us now. From Facebook to hacking attacks to ISIS, powerful network forces we barely understand are ripping through our connected world, tearing at our most fundamental ideas. What institution do you trust more today than you did ten years ago? Exactly. In this groundbreaking new book, Joshua Cooper Ramo explains a powerful new instinct that we need to understand if we want to see everything from the opportunities for fortune in our age to the most virulent dangers. Animated with experiences studying with Chinese Zen masters and advising generals and CEOs, The Seventh Sense will forever alter the way you look at our the world we now live in."