Post-Crisis Networks for Political and Social Change in Greece

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From the Tepsie report, Informal Citizen Networks in Greece:

"This category mainly involves group of citizens that aim to transform the negative perceptions of Greece and inspire people to build a new future for their country. Such networks include ordinary citizens, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, students, artists and generally innovative and creative minds that aspire to build a new Greece.

• Forward Greece ( A progressive community focused on social and political change, founded in 2012 and based in Athens. It is a network of citizens, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, students, artists etc. Their aim is to change the policy making process in Greece by contributing new ideas, and suggestions, encouraging cooperation and generally a totally different approach in political terms.

• Repower Greece ( RepowerGreece seeks to confront the world’s negative perceptions of Greece and its people. Through a variety of discussion events and programs with academic institutions, community organizations and think tanks across the world, the initiative offers clear evidence that Greece’s story is not about the failures and special interests of the few – it’s a story of the enormous talents, achievements and actions of the many. RepowerGreece is a grassroots initiative, made up of volunteers and open to everyone, designed in such a way that any public or private organization, academic institution, company or media can join the campaign and spread the word to their own network. Its objective is very simple: to portray a positive image, to attract any foreign investments, to invite tourists, to export the country’s goods or to build and sustain any bilateral relations, by reconnecting with friends and allies, reintroducing ourselves and finally restore the credibility of our country.

• Reload Greece ( Reload Greece is an initiative by a group of young Greeks in London to bring together a community of Reloaders willing to take action for change in Greece. They are calling on all people that dare to imagine a better future for Greece. Their aim is to create a community of Reloaders that work together to achieve their goals. They focus on the fields of social innovation, community action and entrepreneurship. Reloaders attend events, present their own ideas, get feedback and find others who can help them. They take part in special workshops to develop their ideas or learn more about opportunities in Greece. They take advantage of Fellowships in partner institutions to develop start-ups and social enterprises. They actively contribute to what Reload Greece stands for by submitting their ideas directly or through the Reload Greece blog and a social media presence."

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