Politics of Growth and Post-Capitalist Futures

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* Book: Fictions of Sustainability. The Politics of Growth and Post-Capitalist Futures. By Boris Frankel. 2018

URL = https://www.academia.edu/37670845/Fictions_of_Sustainability_The_Politics_of_Growth_and_Post-Capitalist_Futures?


"This book discusses the growing political contest between conservative and reform-orientated defenders of capitalist societies on the one side, and the policies and imagined futures advanced by green and socialist critics on the other. All are subjected to detailed scrutiny. Is ‘green growth’ innovation able to resolve deep-seated global inequality and other socio-political and environmental problems? Can new technology sustain capitalist production and high consumption by decoupling economic growth from the limits of nature? How feasible or utopian are ‘post-work’ or post-capitalist societies based on full automation and a universal basic income? What are the political economic strengths and weaknesses of green post-growth or degrowth proposals? These and other crucial issues are analysed by the author in a challenging and thought-provoking book covering an extensive range of policy reports, social theories, environmental proposals and political practices across the world." (https://www.academia.edu/37670845/Fictions_of_Sustainability_The_Politics_of_Growth_and_Post-Capitalist_Futures?)

Author Bio

"Boris Frankel is a social theorist, political economist and cultural critic. He is Honorary Principal Fellow in the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne."