Policy Options for the Ubiquitous Internet Society

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Report: Policy Options for the Ubiquitous Internet Society. RAND, 2009

URL = http://www.rand.org/pubs/technical_reports/2009/RAND_TR776.pdf


This report has discussed and linked together technologies, connectivity technology trends, socio-economic impacts, and policy challenges, ending with recommendations for possible policies and approaches. It launched the concept of the ‘Internet of X’ as a generic description of the multiple of concepts that express the trends of converging information infrastructures, increasing computing power and its embedding in everyday objects, the convergence of humans and machines and the growing intelligence of the web. The report should provide policymakers with a rich account of what the Internet of X may entail and what can be done to support its socially and economically beneficial development. (http://www.internetfutures.eu/?p=95)