Policy Levers for a Low-Carbon Circular Economy

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* Report: Circle Economy: “Policy levers for a low-carbon circular economy”, 2017.

URL = https://www.circle-economy.com/case/policy-levers-for-a-low-carbon-circular-economy/


"The report explores policy levers to accelerate the transition to the circular economy, and provides policy recommendations to create a tipping point whereby a transition to a low-carbon circular economy is not just necessary but also inevitable.

The report is based on legal policy mapping and stakeholder consultation, providing a broad European perspective combined with insights into a selection of member states, and focusing on two value chains (housing and mobility) and four material streams (aluminium, concrete, plastic and steel). It forms part of a broader project led by the European Climate Foundation‘s (ECF) Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative (i24c)."