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= project working on a reputation system to assist in Commons-Based Peer Production

Url = http://www.pietrust.com/


"PieTrust is an "open company" developing a secure reputation system for sharing credit. Our system can be used to help projects reward contributors, to allow people to rate each others' skills on social networks, or as a reputation system that can be integrated into other websites. The core of our system is a collusion-resistant algorithm (implemented as a web service) that takes peer evaluations as input, and produces as output a reputation score for each person. The reputation scores can be used in various ways:

   * to make decisions in which the most respected people have the most weight
   * to make payments proportional to reputation
   * to trade services using reputation as form of compensation
   * to assess the skill levels of other individuals via peer evaluation

Our system allows your users to evaluate each other, and produces a reputation score for each user via our simple API. Unlike simple averaging of user evaluations, our reputation formula is resistant to collusion and shilling; unlike "likes", our system is resistant to reputation inflation. Our system is flexible; it can allow users to evaluate each other along multiple dimensions, and can produce multiple reputation scores that measure different aspects of reputation. You can easily add our system as a component of your website by using our API. We are developing a number of reputation algorithms and we will help you select and tune the best one for your situation. Our reputation analytics platform allows you to efficiently discover more about your customers and their relationships." (http://www.pietrust.com/)